• Are you feeling dehydrated?
    Are you feeling dehydrated?

      You think to yourself, Yes today is the day. I am going to drink 2 litres of water… Lunchtime comes and you have had not one drop. In our experience finding a water bottle that you like using really helps and making sure that it is at least one litre. If you find yourself Continue Reading

  • Pan Fried Salmon & Egg Breakfast
    Pan Fried Salmon & Egg Breakfast

        This super easy delicious and wholesome breakfast can be whipped up in literally 5 minutes. Although its low in carbohydrates, it is filling and will get you through to lunch with lots of great nutrients.       INGREDIENTS 1 half of a split bagel or 100% sourdough – no gluten (optional) 1 Continue Reading

  • I Am Grateful
    I Am Grateful

    “The attitude of Gratitude is the highest form of yoga” Yogi Bhajan I think we would all agree that perspective is truly everything. But are we truly aware of how much our perspective influences our quality of life? And further, are we aware of how we can learn to change our perspective to help us Continue Reading