• I Am Grateful
    I Am Grateful

    “The attitude of Gratitude is the highest form of yoga” Yogi Bhajan I think we would all agree that perspective is truly everything. But are we truly aware of how much our perspective influences our quality of life? And further, are we aware of how we can learn to change our perspective to help us Continue Reading

  • Summer of Love
    Summer of Love

    How to use your practice to find true love. Have you heard of the saying ‘find the love you seek, by first finding love within yourself’, or something similar? Well, put a pause on those dating apps and ignore the unsolicited relationship advice from your friends and family, because the journey to true love can Continue Reading

  • Being Present
    Being Present

    You’re standing on your mat in Tadasana, you feel a trickle of sweat drip down from your forehead , past your cheek and onto your chin. You notice how solid your feet feel planted on the mat and you feel blissfully unaware of everything outside the perimeter of your mat. “The secret of health for Continue Reading