• Fabulously Frugal
    Fabulously Frugal

        Would you ever think that “Fabulous” & “Frugal” would go in the same sentence?   Here is how I recently worked out how to pay down debt, have the things that contributed to my health and wellbeing and also save money to invest towards my future, without earning an extra dollar…   Most people Continue Reading

  • High Expectations?
    High Expectations?

        Having high expectations is a great thing however it can also lead to suffering too! 🙂   When we expect something of a person or a situation it means that if you don’t receive what you expect or it doesn’t happen unless you are really conscious and are aware of your thoughts at Continue Reading

  • A good night
    A good night

        We all know how important sleep is, yet sometimes, you just can’t get it. Here is a simple but powerful exercise you can do to relax you and get the needed rest you need…    This is a sample exercise to help you relax and sleep. Read through this script a few times Continue Reading