Harlow Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates Brisbane


New York Loft Style Studio that is heated with sensational and healing far infrared studio.

Heated to a comfortable 33 degrees. All classes are One Hour in duration.

No matter what class you choose, your class can be as hard or easy as you need it to be, the more you move and activate all your muscles under the sensational Far infrared heat and incorporate integrity in your poses the harder it will be. If you choose to take little breaks it cools your body down and you can create a relaxing class as well.

As our energy is always changing, we recommend talking to your teacher when you arrive each class and let them know how they can support you in class at that time. Our team absolutely love helping our members and you will make their day. 

Whilst booking is not mandatory, we highly recommend it so that you can reserve your special space before coming.


Harlow A is a powerful Hot Yoga class inspired by Ashtanga Yoga. This class encourages you to move with intention and breath, allowing you to flow through all the poses and incorporate breathwork into your practice, giving you a wonderful workout inside and out. Take breaks as needed to get the most out of the class, and leave feeling strong and energised from our Newstead Yoga studio.


Harlow B is a Hot Yoga class inspired by Iyengar Yoga, focusing on safe and nourishing body alignment. Movement is slowed down, allowing you to align your body and breathe deeply, incorporating breathwork into your practice. This class combines flowing through poses with holding, and is suitable for all levels of experience, including beginners. Take breaks as needed to get the most out of the class, and leave feeling strong and more spacious, increasing your range of movement and flexibility.


Harlow C is our version of traditional Mat Pilates movement, using slow and precise movements to strengthen targeted parts of your body. This Hot Mat Pilates class is great for low impact workouts and moves to invigorating music, helping you to control your movements and develop better awareness of your core muscles. Incorporating breathwork into your practice, this class is suitable for all levels of experience and will leave you feeling stronger inside and out and more invincible after just one session.


Harlow D is a heavily Yin inspired Yoga class that includes meditation and mindful movement, perfect for releasing tension in your body. This class allows you to breathe and relax into each pose, incorporating breathwork into your practice and letting all the tension go. This class is ideal for those feeling tired or doing intense physical exercise. The challenge in this class is letting go, acknowledging your tension in your body and mind and taking a deep breath and just letting go. Take an hour to rejuvenate and release at our Brisbane Hot Yoga studio.


Harlow F is a Hot Barre class that creates lean muscle tone through ballet-inspired movements. This dynamic and fun workout uses bodyweight exercises, light hand weights, and small props to sculpt and shape your body without bulking. Incorporating breathwork into your practice, isometric holds and pulses are mixed with fast-flowing movements to raise your heart rate for a cardio element. Suitable for all levels of experience, this class will leave you feeling the burn and toned at our Brisbane Hot Barre studio.

Our Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates classes in Brisbane are enjoyable and effective, keeping you motivated and achieving your fitness goals with ease. You’ll flow through the poses and feel strong and energized in our Hot Yoga classes, including Harlow A, B, and D, which incorporate breathwork. Our Hot Barre class, Harlow F, creates lean muscle tone through ballet-inspired movements and also includes breathwork. Come experience the benefits of Hot Yoga and Yoga Brisbane at our Newstead, Brisbane studios.