Harlow Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates Brisbane

Harlow Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates Brisbane

Heat Up Your Practice with Hot Yoga Near Me in Brisbane at Harlow Hot Yoga Brisbane

Experience the Benefits of Hot Yoga at Harlow Hot Yoga in Brisbane
Hot yoga is a fantastic way to take your practice to the next level, and at Harlow Hot Yoga in Brisbane, we have the best hot yoga near you. Our experienced teachers are extensively trained to ensure the maximum benefit of heat and movement during each session, helping you improve your flexibility, balance, and strength. The heat will also assist in detoxifying and enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Burn Up to 600 Calories in a Hot Yoga Class
Research shows that you can burn up to 600 calories in a hot yoga class, making it an effective way to achieve your fitness goals while enjoying the many benefits of yoga. Our hot yoga classes are heated to a warm but safe 33 degrees Celsius, which promotes greater stretching, reduces swelling, and alleviates inflammation. The comfortable temperature ensures a positive experience for all practitioners, from beginners to advanced yogis.

Yoga Brisbane: Australia’s Highest Rated Yoga Studio with Over 285 Reviews
At Harlow Hot Yoga, we are proud to be Australia’s highest rated yoga Brisbane studio with over 285 reviews and a rating of 4.9 stars. Our Newstead yoga studio is conveniently located within walking distance for those in Newstead and Teneriffe, making it the perfect choice for Newstead yoga and Teneriffe yoga enthusiasts. We offer a wide range of hot yoga classes to cater to every individual’s needs, including specialised hot yoga classes such as hot power flow and hot yin to help you reach your goals. Our yoga classes are designed to help you improve your physical strength and flexibility while also reducing stress and anxiety.

Special Offers for New and Regular Hot Yogi Members: Yoga Studio Near Me
If you are new to Harlow Hot Yoga in Brisbane, we invite you to try our special 5 for $50 intro pass. This pass will allow you to experience the many benefits of hot yoga and discover the perfect class for you. Or, if you are a regular hot yogi, we offer unlimited class memberships that will take your practice to the next level. Join us today and heat up your practice with hot yoga near you in Brisbane at Harlow Hot Yoga.

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*10 day expiry from first visit. Strictly one intro pass per client.

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