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Harlow Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates Brisbane

Finding Empowerment Through Practice in Yoga Brisbane

Finding Empowerment Through Practice in Yoga Brisbane

Sometimes we forget how good we feel after coming to a hot yoga class. We put so much pressure on ourselves to perform, to achieve maximum results to support the body image that we want to have that our western society has portrayed as beautiful.

Yes, coming to a hot yoga class has its many benefits on the physical body, but if you use this as your motivation to come to yoga on a regular basis, this may leave you feeling unmotivated and empty.

One thing that I find helps is making the choice to come to yoga with no expectations attached. It is only one hour out of my day that I can give to myself to be completely in the moment (not in the past or future). Not thinking about cooking dinner, what I didn’t get done today, or what’s on my to-do list for tomorrow. This takes so much pressure off myself, and because I am focusing on my thoughts and getting them in check, the great fitness and all the other benefits of hot yoga follow.

Practicing yoga is much more than the physical practice. It is giving yourself one hour to practice being completely in the moment. The operative word there is “practice”. I don’t know if you have ever tried this for more than one minute, however, it is very challenging.

95% of our thoughts are coming from our subconscious. Our software program in our brain has collected all these ideas and created all the patterns to help us through our life to operate on autopilot most of the time. Whilst a few of these thoughts may do us justice in helping to make our daily decisions, many of them do not serve us in a positive way now that we are adults.

Yoga is becoming aware of the thousands of thoughts that stream across the expanse of our mind so that it allows you to choose which thoughts you would like to have. Recently, Brian Kest was at Harlow, and he put it in a very easy-to-understand way:

“Many of us bite our fingernails and are completely unaware that we do. Yoga is about teaching you to be aware that you are biting your nails. Now you are aware, you can actively choose to bite your nails if that is what you enjoy. This also means that you can be completely responsible for your actions and any repercussions that come from these.”

Being in the moment and developing awareness completely empowers you, and you may find that this has such an enormous effect in all areas of your life. So next time you are in a mind battle about whether to come to yoga Brisbane, sit still for 5 minutes and become aware of your thoughts. Ask yourself if these thoughts are doing you justice and choose new thoughts that will empower you.

If you’re looking for a way to unwind and feel good both physically and mentally, then hot pilates and yoga are two great options to explore. At Harlow Hot Pilates & Yoga, we believe that practicing yoga is much more than just a physical practice. It’s about giving yourself one hour to be completely in the moment and develop awareness, and if you’re in Brisbane, we offer a range of yoga classes near you.


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Nothing is more important than feeling good.

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