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Harlow Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates Brisbane

Light or heavy…the new decision barometer

What if you could always know what is true for you?

“Polarity is the way this reality is created by most people. They decide what is right and try to head for that. Then they decide what is wrong and try to eliminate that. What if you could embrace it all?”

Have you noticed that what is true for you, is not always true for the other person? So ask:  is this light or heavy?  If it is true for you the energy will feel light, nurturing and spacious. If it is not true for you, it will feel twisted, heavy or dense. This is a super powerful tool!

Light = True for you.

Heavy = Not true for you.

So would you be willing to choose more of what is true for you?

What if you started to hang out with people that feel nurturing to you? What if you only ever eat food that feels light and nurturing for your body?  What if you only make the choices that feel light for you?  What if heavy or light could be your barometer, instead of always judging everything as right or wrong?  Would that create just a little more ease for you?

So, go hangout with some people… animals… places, books or movies that make YOU feel light… and watch how this creates change in your world!

Dr Dain Heer

Dr Dain explains it:


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Nothing is more important than feeling good.

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