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Membership Terms:

Once your membership term is up you get to keep your special rate and go month to month. Just shoot us an email at any time to give us one month’s notice to cancel after this time.

You can suspend at any time for $5 per week.

You can cancel with a small fee at any time – we want you to continue coming though as it will make you feel so good.

More than 6 Month Term left $245. Less than 6 Month Term left $195.

You can upgrade your membership at any time.

Couples membership – You must email us with your partner/friend full name so that we can connect you so that you qualify for this special membership.








Come to classes as much as you like. The more you can get your hands on your mat for a regular practice, the more you will reap the health benefits and experience greater joy, health and peace.


 Download our mobile app and book all your FAV classes in advance! This way,

you don’t miss out, especially on the popular class times.


 Do you have your very own mat or mat towel? You will now receive discounts on

our range that will enhance your Harlow experience. Our product ranges are

quite popular, so when they arrive you will get priority of colours and size.


 Every time you attend a class, refer a friend or post on Facebook/Instagram, you

will receive points. You also get bonus points when you join the rewards program, and

on your birthday! Points can be redeemed or a $30 account credit towards your membership. See program here.


 If you have a child that is between the ages 7-16, you are welcome to bring them free. Once you have created an account with us for your child (must have unique mobile & email), please email us and we will connect them to your membership. Children must be accompanied by their parent or a guardian. If the class gets too much for them, they can either lay on their mat quietly or quietly leave the studio and sit in concierge until class is finished.


 If you would like to store your mat in our exclusive mat storage, you can upgrade your membership for $1 per week. Limited spaces available please check with client support.

Valued at $99 per year.


 You can transfer your membership to a friend or family member at no cost, and they can take over the rest of our minimum term. The will get the benefit of keeping the special membership for life or until they cancel after the minimum term has been fulfilled.


Skip the queue and go straight to express check-in. You are still welcome to check in with your teacher however you do have the option so that if you would like extra time to enjoy the Far Infra-red heat you can!


W O U L D    Y O U    L I K E    T O    C O M E  

L E S S    T H A N    4    T I M E S    A    M O N T H ? 




S T U D I O   M E N U 


Microfiber Towel in 3 Colours (Blue, Green & Purple)

 RRP $55, Members RRP* $45

Eco Mat in 3 Colours (Blue, Purple, Hot Pink)

 RRP $55, Members RRP* $45

Scented Candles with beautiful essential oils (Available in 7 different scents)

 RRP $35, Members RRP* $30

Mat Storage If you would like to store your mat in our exclusive mat storage, you can upgrade your membership for $1 per week. Limited spaces available please check with client support. Or purchase it for $99 per year.



Mat Hire $3

Towel Hire $3

Harlow Chilled Bottles of Water $3

Coconut Water $4



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