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Hot Pilates vs. Reformer Pilates: Why We’re Turning Up the Heat


At Harlow Hot Pilates, we’re passionate about providing the best workout experience for our clients. With the increasing popularity of reformer pilates, we often receive questions about why we prefer hot pilates. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of hot pilates and why it’s our top choice for achieving optimal fitness and body sculpting results. Let’s uncover the advantages that make hot pilates the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts!

Reformer Pilates: A Quick Look

Reformer pilates involves the use of a specialized carriage and resistance-based sequences to train, elongate, and tone the body. It offers a solid core workout that promotes better posture and aids in recovery. However, when compared to hot pilates, there are some notable differences that make the latter our preferred choice.

Why We Choose Hot Pilates Over Reformer Pilates at our Newstead Pilates Studio


    1. Enhanced Flexibility and Toning:


The gentle 33-degree heat in our hot pilates classes not only helps you bend and shape your body more effectively but also enhances flexibility and muscle toning. This increased flexibility allows for a deeper workout, targeting muscles that may not be as easily reached with reformer pilates.


    1. Improved Core Strength and Balance:


While reformer pilates focuses on core strength, hot pilates takes it to the next level. The heat combined with challenging pilates sequences encourages a stronger core, as well as improved balance and stability. This ultimately translates to better overall fitness and body sculpting results.


    1. Safety on the Mat:


Hot pilates classes are performed on a mat, which can provide a safer workout environment than reformer machines. With a stable surface and fewer moving parts, there’s less risk of injury or accidents during your session.


    1. Personalized Teacher Attention:


In our hot pilates classes, our qualified teachers can offer personalized attention to each participant. This individualized guidance and corrections help you to achieve your fitness goals more effectively than in larger, equipment-based classes.


    1. Efficient Body Sculpting:


Hot pilates is known for delivering impressive body sculpting results. By leveraging the heat and challenging pilates sequences, you’ll experience a workout that tones and sculpts your muscles like no other.


    1. Qualified Mat Pilates Teachers:


At Harlow Hot Pilates, our team of qualified pilates teachers is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. With their expertise and passion for hot pilates, you can trust that you’re in good hands.


When it comes to deciding between hot pilates and reformer pilates, we firmly believe that hot pilates offers a unique blend of benefits that make it the ideal choice for those looking to enhance their fitness and achieve remarkable body sculpting results. With improved flexibility, core strength, and personalized attention, hot pilates stands out among fitness enthusiasts at Harlow Hot Pilates. If you’re ready to experience the difference for yourself, join us for a class today!

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