Congratulations on taking the very first step.


Our purpose is to help you feel good!


We have all the information you need to know on this page, or click

on health benefits to see how this amazing practice will make you feel so good.


So that we can make sure you have the most amazing experience we will call to speak to you preferably before your first session.


Choosing your class

We really encourage you to go to classes without checking what’s on.

So it becomes a matter if there is a class on at the time that suits you.

The more you can do this, the more it opens you up to new experiences and gives you a great opportunity to practice not attaching yourself to expectation, which then leads to disappointment.

Our 4 classes are designed for all levels of experience, so that if you can make it to one of each of them, you will feel really balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually.


“Moving with intention and breath”

This powerful yoga class, allows you to move through all the poses giving you a wonderful workout inside and out.

Your mission will be to align each movement with your breath.

We encourage you to take breaks (lie down on your mat) as you need to throughout this class so that you get exactly what you need out of it.

This class is for all levels of experience including beginners.

You will leave this class feeling strong and energised.



“Focusing on safe and nourishing body alignment”

Movement is slowed right down in this yoga class, so hat you have a chance to align your body, and breathe.

Our Harlow B classes allow you the time to really enjoy each movement with a combination of flowing through poses to holding.

We encourage you to take breaks (lie down on your mat) as you need to throughout this class so that you get exactly what you need out of it.

This class is for all levels of experience including beginners.

You will leave this class feeling strong and more spacious (increasing your range of movement – flexibility).



“Slow and precise movement to strengthen targeted parts of your body”

Our very own version of the traditional Pilates movement.

Harlow C Hot Pilates moves to the beat of our invigorating music.

The control of movement strengthens and give you better awareness of your core muscles (in which are responsible for creating centred/aligned posture).

Protecting your whole body.

It also helps strengthen and tone your hips, thighs, arms and shoulders.

You will feel stronger and more invincible after one Harlow C session.



“Beautiful & deep release of tension in your body”

If you are feeling tired or are doing a lot of intense physical exercise our deep stretch class is amazing for releasing all the tension build up in your muscles and joints.

This practice is a Yin style practice where you can simply breathe and relax into each pose (opposite to yang) where you are letting go.

A wonderful class to give yourself one hour of rejuvenation and release.




Do you have a mat or towel? We have them for hire for $3 if you forget yours.

Or you can purchase one here (pickup at the studio). You can bring your own water bottle,

or if you forget yours you can purchase them for $3 at concierge.



Although its not required, we do encourage you to book your classes and add them

to your calendar on your phone. We have an iPhone/Adroid app that makes booking super easy. Download here.

Our timetable is live and up to date, so its convenient to check (in the rare event that a

class is cancelled or changes on public holiday’s) you can see what’s on.


Before your first class

Please arrive 15 minutes at the studio before your first class and

let your teacher know that you are new. If you have already purchased your intro

pass online, you will be able to check-in via our express check-in iPad

on the desk. To let us know that you have arrived. You can then pop your

belonging (including shoes/phone) in a locker and set your mat up on one of the

mat markers in the studio and chill out before your class under

the beautiful Far Infrared Panels.

Our Team

Our culture is so important to us. Check out our values here.

Our team have been selected, based on these values and we strive every day to live them in our communication with each other,

with our clients and also in our personal lives.