Our goal is to encourage you to get your hands on the mat so that we can help you experience more joy, health & peace. 

Love Jacklyn and your harlow family x

Choosing your class

We really encourage you to go to classes without checking what’s on. So it becomes a matter if there is a class on at the time that suits you.

The more you can do this, the more it opens you up to new experiences and gives you a great opportunity to practice yogic principles (not attaching yourself to expectation which then leads to disappointment). Not only this, our 4 class types are designed so that if you can make it to one of each of them, you will feel really balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You will find that you have way more energy and a greater sense of peace.

The exception to the above is if you are currently doing a specific activity outside of coming to Harlow e.g. Intense exercise or gentle exercise/meditation.

If this is the case, it is a great option to balance what you are currently doing out. If you are doing intense exercise, then coming to one of our Harlow B or D classes is complimentary. If you are doing gentle exercise/meditation, then coming to one of our Harlow A, C or B classes would be complimentary.

What you’ll need

A mat, towel, water bottle & your car keys (if you drove). We have mats & towels for hire for $3 so if you decide to come last minute we have everything here for you. Chilled bottled water is available for purchase too for $3.

Its best to wear something that you will be comfortable moving in and sweating in (similar to what you would wear at the gym).

We have lockers available (you place all belongings including shoes, phone & car keys) in the locker and take the locker key with your water bottle, mat & towel into the studio. That way you will have no distractions and it will make it easier to really allow yourself to unwind and discover the benefits.

Before your first class

If you can aim to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts at one of our beautiful studio’s this will allow ample time to find parking and give yourself an opportunity to check in, and lay on your mat underneath the Far Infrared heat.

If you hired one of our studio mats for $3, our teacher will hand it to you at concierge.

During Class

All classes are for all levels. Just listen to the instructor’s cuing and regardless of what anyone else is doing in class, please listen to how your body feels and take a break when you need to. Its amazing what a 30 second break (laying down on your mat) does. It will allow you some time to get your breath back, as its really important to maintain integrity in your poses. This is a very valuable life lesson as sometimes we tend to push ourselves in life and before we know we are burnt out or injured. The more you can practice this, you will feel more energised and stronger in the mind.

If you would like some help on a movement or a posture, please make sure you get our instructors attention by putting your hand up. Having an instructor assist you, will not only help you learn more about your body, however it will make your movements more meaningful and intentional.

matAfter class

Feel free to lay on your mat in the beautiful savasana (resting after class) for as long as you like. There is 15 minutes until the next class so its a wonderful opportunity to chill, and just observe all the sounds around you.

Once you decide to move, gently rise to your feet.

If you have hired one of our studio mats, please give it a little wipe down (from the hospital grade spray provided located in the back corners of the studio), and kindly roll it back up and hand it to your teacher as you leave.

If you have hired one of our studio towels, please place the towel in the white basket provided in the locker room.

We would love to hear what you loved about the class so that we can recommend different classes based on what you like or a feeling like you need at the moment. So when you come out, please let your teacher know.

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