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Harlow is Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates. Our purpose is to help you feel good.


W E  A R E  A L W A Y S   S E E K I N G   P E O P L E   W H O   W A L K   A N D   T A L K   O U R   V A L U E S

O U R  V A L U E S

Be Present

Free from through, living in the now. Spaciousness.

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding my emotions and behaving from a conscious choice, not an unconscious one.

Find a better way.

Looking at everything objectively, asking myself how can I do more with less?

Thirst for learning.

Continual personal and professional development.


Making a difference in others lives. How can I serve others and really wow them. Practicing excellence in everything I do.

Deep consistent breath.

Committing to myself to regularly check-in and make sure that I’m breathing beautiful long deep breaths throughout my day. Not holding onto it. Teaching others this amazingly nourishing practice if you notice that they are not breathing consistently.


Appreciating every little thing that I have or are experiencing right now.


Being integral in my word. I do what I say. I walk my talk.



Thank you so much for your interest in becoming and pilates/yoga teacher at Harlow!

We are looking for inspirational teachers who are super passionate about helping our clients learn and grow.

Whilst yoga and pilates is a physical practice, a Harlow Teacher aims to educate our clients on understanding their emotions/thoughts, making conscious choices and being in control of their life. Really feeling their body and being present in their beautiful life. Harlow is about balance and consistency and self care. A daily practice (whether at Harlow, work, home or other) in which you encourage our clients to gift them self one hour to check in and make sure they are choosing whats right for them.

Harlow’s point of difference is our consistency of classes. We have a teacher position description in which we have found 30 competencies over the last 5 years (based on client feedback) that make our classes super powerful. However we encourage you to be creative and put your strengths and personality and energy into each class.

We are looking for teachers who live and breathe our values so please check them (above) before applying to make sure that our values resonate and align with yours.

Want to know what sets us apart from the rest and why this is a truely unique opportunity? Contact Us Now.


  • Uncapped earning potential and great commission structure.
  • The opportunity to work autonomously, whilst being part of an amazing team culture & rewarding role.
  • Be appreciated and valued for your hard work and effort.

Want to know what sets us apart from the rest and why this is a truely unique opportunity?


  • Social media community management and engagement response
  • Engaging senior managers in higher importance or more detailed requests
  • Identifying key trends on engagement and reporting back to management
  • Creative input

A great opportunity to work as part of the social media team and gain experience in the area of community management.


  1. Please attend a Hot Pilates or Hot Yoga class. Once you have done this, proceed to Step 2.
  2. Email ( us your Cover letter explaining:
    • Why you would like to be a part of our team
    • What you can bring to our team and
    • How you practice and live our values (give examples).