Summer of Love

How to use your practice to find true love.

Have you heard of the saying ‘find the love you seek, by first finding love within yourself’, or something similar? Well, put a pause on those dating apps and ignore the unsolicited relationship advice from your friends and family, because the journey to true love can start on your Pilates and Yoga mat!

For Queenslanders, summer is the season of love. We love the holidays, the beach trips, the hot days and the balmy nights. However, it’s also the time we put a bigger focus on attracting ‘love’ and positivity for the year ahead, whether that’s finding a special someone, attaining our ‘best body’ or reaching personal goals.

editorial-imageAt Harlow Hot Pilates and Yoga we want to bring love and positivity into your life, and our Pilates and yoga classes provide great tools to reignite that positivity to love the skin and mind you’re in. Plus, the added benefits of our Far Infra-Red heat is known to improve brain function, activate the central nervous system and increase blood flow to the heart and muscles. Regular classes can ‘spark’ your internal engine and keep your mind, body and soul healthy, toxin free and renewed.

Here’s how your time on a Harlow Pilates and Yoga mat can help you ‘find the love you seek’:


One    Listen to my body. When you’re on the mat you become in tune with your physical and mental state, and can chose to ease into a pose or deal with a challenging one with controlled breathing techniques. When we take that energy beyond the studio, we can create positive choices that best benefit our bodies and soul. Leaning to listen carefully to our internal cues will help us find our ‘true love’ and great passions more easily.

Two    Make fewer comparisons. Comparisons take you away from your inner-focus. Have you ever compared your practice in class with the person in front, wished your body was like those on magazine covers or idolized couples you knew while searching for ‘the one’? The mat is a no judgment zone and can teach you to increase your thoughts of self-worth in-and-out of the studio. It’s better to have an action plan in place for things you desire for the right reasons, as comparisons only hinder your positive drive.

Three Be more mindful. Head and heart go hand-in-hand and yoga and Pilates make it possible to enhance your mind-body connection. We can achieve peace and happiness with ourselves on the mat as we pay attention to everything we are at the very core. We can find, appreciate and reward ourselves in the process. Taking this beyond the studio can help you separate the things you seek to enrich that balance from those that work to destroy it. When we can love ourselves, we can learn to openly love others.

Four Be more present. We can appreciate ourselves, and the world around us, better when we learn to switch off. It’s easy to become stuck in our heads, by stressing and overthinking or becoming worried, anxious or overwhelmed about past or future issues. In the practice of yoga and Pilates, the mat provides a learning space to live in the moment and become more centered and clear-headed in our approach to the bigger picture.

Five Learn to let go. When you’re stressed out or worried things won’t go your way, you’re bottling up your emotions and blocking the release of positivity. We want you to attempt to leave your worries, your reservations and your negative self-doubting thoughts at the door when you enter our classes, because only then can you connect with your true self and achieve far greater feats. When we learn to let go of our emotional baggage, we can find and attract love in our lives.

Here’s to a summer of love! We’ll see you on the mat.


By Jacklyn Robb


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