Harness the Power of Love

I watched with great interest yet another rerun of “Friends’ the other day. It was the episode when Ross developed a skin lesion (Kundis) and sought help from Guru Sarge to get rid of it.

When the ‘kundis’ got too big to handle, Guru Sarge said, “we need a much stronger tool for this… Love… All your negative energy is trying to escape through your body through the ‘kundis’ . …. you have to love your ‘kundis’ if you want it to get better .” I am amazed at how “Friends’ was actually very progressive in its ideas and themes, and having watched several reruns of it through the years, it has made me more appreciative of the writers of the series.

Scharlow-love-and-accept-myselfientists have become more aware in recent times that the molecular and biochemical explanation of how the different parts of the body communicate with each other is way too slow to explain how fast the human body learns and response to its environment. The alternate explanation that is gaining more traction is that the behaviour and fate of our 70 trillion cells in our body are determined by biomorphic fields that surrounds each cell and the cells communicate with each other and interacts with the universe, God or source energy,through pockets of energy called biophotons.

This provides an explanation to observed cellular memories and how miraculous healings can occur. So Guru Sarge was not wrong to say that love energy is a stronger healing tool. Indeed , scientists have found that the love frequency vibrates at 528hz, and at this frequency, the cells vibrate in the most optimum way , and are open to assimilation and detoxification, allowing healing to occur. Other healing frequencies are that of peace, joy and gratitude. On the other end of the spectrum, negative energies like fear, anger, hatred and resentment vibrate the cells at a very low level, causing them to be closed to assimilation and detoxification , predisposing the cells to dis ease and then disease.
Unfortunately, medicine taught in schools are grounded on Newtonian physics and therefore still fixated on the biochemical model, whereas quantum physics provides the explanation for the energetic model of healing.

It will require a paradigm shift, something that will also involve honesty and courage for the pursuit of truth as well as an openness and curiosity to see what is.
Already we are seeing the phenomena of healing with energy. How many times has a pain been better when mum gives it a loving kiss or touch? How many times do symptoms resolve with a kind word, or taking time out, or saying no to yet another commitment in your busy life? Or how many times do you feel better just because you have been to the doctor? The great healers of the world, past and present must know a thing or two about this…. why have they been so fixated on love and compassion all this while as if there was nothing more ingenious to say?

Perhaps the next time I tell my patient to send love and peace to his area of pain, he will not look at me if I am a quack like Guru Sarge; but appreciate that the advise I give is steeped on cutting edge science of what we know about the body and exploitation of natural laws of healing 🙂

Dr  Yvette Tan

Truly Heal Practitioner, Biobalance certified”


Wishart Medical Centre


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