Keeping Kind

Editorial-Photo2Kind words work magic. Have you ever made someone’s day by saying something genuinely kind? Or given yourself permission to take the day off for some personal R&R?

We often become wrapped up in a state of mind where we constantly judge ourselves, compare ourselves to others and in general, are hard on ourselves.

One If you become seriously frustrated because you aren’t hitting that PB or working through that problem, don’t beat yourself up. Try j saying aloud or in your head, “I got this” and on from that “if I don’t, it’s ok”. Sounds strange but try it, it works!

Two Be aware that some things are out of your control so you shouldn’t judge yourself in that situation. For example, you miss a work deadline because a close friend becomes sick and you want to be there for them. In most cases, missing that one deadline will not be the end of the world nor worth the self criticism.

Three Saying something kind to someone every day. What goes around comes around and perpetuating kindness will leave you and everyone around you feeling positive!

Keep practicing yoga little Harlows and being kind to your body if it says no to that chaturanga and yes to childs pose!


Written By Camille Mora


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