Expand the Edge of your Consciousness

Do you ever have those days when nothing seems to be going right, and all you want to do is lay in bed and cry?!

We all have those days, so here are some tips and tricks to centre your mind, expand your horizons and extend your gratitude to the universe. An expansion of the mind is important to us, which is why we have to share the wonderful word and knowledge of Guru Rattana.

She states, through five simple steps, we are able to “Expand the Edge of our Consciousness”. In other words, we are able to take control of our emotions, to gain power and free will; all whilst simultaneously being present in today’s fast paced lifestyle. So what are they?

1. Let go of tension in your body
Release any negative energy that is surrounding you, tangible or intangible. Be aware of this tension to grasp how to eliminate it from your consciousness.

2. Move your body
Be at one with your body; wiggle your fingers and your toes. Know that your February Editorial Postermind, soul and body are the combination of beauty that is you.

3. Let go of resistance
The urge of resistance can be strong, regardless of if the tension is released. Letting go of resistance is assuring your mind that your body trusts it.

4. Be compassionate toward yourself
If these steps take a few times, don’t beat yourself up because of it. These things take time, and acknowledgement. The more practice, the better.

5. Don’t judge yourself or anything that you are experiencing
Implementing the idea of expanding the edge of your consciousness is the first step to becoming a better version of you, and it is different for everyone.

“Empowered people are in alignment with the universe”, says author Crystal Andrus Morissette. She continues to detail how the suffering we go through is to show that we are unaligned with the universe, using the techniques stated above give us the chance to embrace the negativity, remove from our mind, and learn to control how aligned with the universe our personal being is, and can be. Expansion is an important topic when dealing with emotional and sporadic periods in our lives, important for us to acknowledge and know these tips will come handy, and how to handle these emotions and situations.

Written By Brea Novak


The Emotional Edge: Discover Your Inner Age, Ignite Your Hidden Strengths
Expand the Edge of your Consciousness

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