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Welcome to harlow! Our goal is to encourage you to get your hands on the mat so that we can help you experience more joy, health & peace.

Love Jacklyn and your harlow family x

After you have attended your first class or booked into our FREE beginner’s classes on Saturday mornings at both studio’s, our harlow team will give you a call to see how you went and if we can recommend any classes for you to try to suit your needs as we have 4 Class types, 20 Instructor’s to choose from. The class selection will depend on what you are currently doing in your life situation outside of Harlow.

Our aim is to really help you relax and dedicate this one hour to experiencing more joy, health and peace.

Please make sure you introduce yourself to your Harlow Instructor before class, and let them know of any injuries or any areas you would like to work on today. Let them know if you would love them to adjust any poses throughout the class so that you are always learning and creating more awareness of your body.

For the ultimate harlow experience apply our delicious moroccan oil hair treatment prior to class whilst your body warms up on your mat. Then reward yourself with our revitalising super tasty Coconut water that will replenish all those lost electrolytes and hydrate you in the most effective and natural way.

Whether you are at the start of your journey or are looking to advance your practice, Harlow has a beautiful and intimate space to inspire positive change.

We are so excited to meet you! x

NOVA FM’s Breakfast DJ Luttsy shares his hot yoga experiences from Harlow Hot Yoga in Newstead.

4/5 Byres Street, Newstead, QLD 4006 | 25 Finchley Street, Milton, QLD 4064

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