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Harlow exists for one reason. Helping people experience more joy, health and peace.


We are always looking for super star people in the areas of teaching yoga or pilates classes or admin who live our values.

Our harlow values:

  1. Be inspiring and a change ambassador. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude goes a long way. These are the essential two ingredients that create an inspiring change ambassador. Do you feel that you are generally uplifting to be around? Are you always seeking the positive in majority of situations? There is one thing that we guarantee at harlow, constant change. We evolve daily and our clients love this as we always stay fresh and provide an environment that allows for constant learning.
  2. Thirst for Learning & Development. Do you love receiving constructive feedback and becoming more aware of yourself and others? Do you really enjoy learning new things and sharing those things with others if you feel it will help them? We do, our whole business is built on feedback and everyone receives it in an uplifting way. It’s fun and really rewarding.
  3. Be Proactive. Are you always thinking of solutions or ways to make things way better? Do you like to plan ahead? We love this, as it is super exciting to work with people who are always thinking ahead.
  4. Commitment. If you commit to something do you demonstrate strong integrity and follow through? Commitment means always showing up, being really present and dedicated to your team and company goals. Doing whatever it takes without compromising on our values.
  5. Be Kind. Always practicing kindness no matter what is extremely important. Having total respect for everyone and yourself. Being kind not only makes you feel good, however makes everyone around you feel sensational. It provides a safe space to learn and grow, and that is what we are all about
  6. Communication. Effective communication of any issues and/or discrepencies is key to a happy and fun culture. Its extremely important to communicate your message to the right person that can help create change.


What team member would you like to be in our harlow family?

Harlow Instructor (Yoga or Pilates)

A Harlow Instructor loves inspiring people to make change within themselves. They have a dedication to people and love connecting, educating and seeing the transformations over time that each of our clients experience in their journey.

Here are a few things you will be doing:

  • Inspiring our clients to get their hands on their mat, helping them create more body/mind awareness which helps them experience more joy, health and peace.
  • Connecting with our clients and working out what they are needing/looking for
  • Check-in our beautiful clients in and helping them with their practice.
  • Working closely with our harlow family to develop the most inspiring classes
  • Teaching the most inspiring classes & private classes
  • Tidying, cleaning studio to make sure it is beautiful for our next teacher and clients.
  • Being a part of our harlow coaching/assistant program in which provides coaching/support and feedback to our fabulous instructor team, and amazing alignment/adjustments in one of your fellow team members classes. Clients absolutely loves this and helps them create better awareness of their body.
  • Correcting/Adjusting clients throughout the class so that you are able to help them grow within their practice and create more body awareness.
  • Getting feedback from clients after class
  • Arranging any covers for your classes that you have committed to.


Apply here:

Instructors (Yoga or Pilates)

Please send your Teaching CV and a cover letter detailing what you know about Harlow, your experience and what you think you can bring to the Harlow team, and we will guide you through our Instructor Recruitment Process.

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We look forward to hearing from you!