Booking online allows you to:

1. Commit to achieving greater health & wellbeing.

2. Secure your space.

3. Let us know you are coming so that if there are changes we can let you know.



Book a class in 3 easy steps:

1. Click on the “Timetable” Tab in the main menu and search for date you wish to book

2. Click Book Class – this will take you to our booking software in another screen

3. Click Book Class and follow the prompts

To join up to a weekly membership:

1. When you are viewing the home page click on the “timetable” tab and click “book class” on the class you would like to book next.

2. A new screen will open, click on the “Book” Tab & then the submenu tab “Memberships” Select the date you would like your membership to start. This is also the same date that the first direct debit will start. Select confirm.

3. Select Checkout and follow the prompts to sign in using your username & password or enter your details to create a username & login. You will now be able to book your first class.

How to purchase a gift card online:

1. When you are viewing the home page click the “Book” button in the main menu

2. A new screen will open, select “Gift Cards” from the sub-menu.

3. Fill in the gift card details including the credit amount you would like to have on the gift card. If you would like a gorgeous gift card to be sent by mail to you or the recipient leave the “Send recipient the gift card by email” box unchecked. Please enter the address of the recipient in the notes section otherwise the gift card will be sent to your postal address in your account.

4. Click “Confirm” & then click “Checkout”

5. If you are an existing student, enter your login (email address) and password or if you are a new student enter your email address and a new password.

6. Click “Checkout” and once payment is confirmed your gift card will be sent to yourself or your recipient within 24hours (express delivery) at no extra charge.


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