Health Benefits of Hot Pilates & Yoga using Far Infra-Red Energy

far-infra-redAfter we commissioned detailed research, Harlow came to the conclusion that using Far Infra-Red heaters to produce the heat in the studio, is the most beneficial for our students. Below you can read about how it works and the exact benefits it has on the body.

How Does Far Infrared Heat Work?

The human body needs adequate doses of radiant heat rays to function properly, along with most other forms of life on the planet. These natural rays of light energy are hidden from sight because they’re just below what we humans can see as color.

What is important to understand is how vital this natural light energy is to your health and longevity. You already know that your body is made-up of billions of individual cells. Well, it has a direct and positive influence on the functioning of cells. Meaning, if you can improve the metabolic health of individual cells in your body, imagine what the accumulative affect could be?

Helping to improve and enhance the health of individual cells in your body can dramatically improve overall cellular functioning and your health.

It turns out; specific wavelengths of Far Infra-red heat (9-14 microns) are vibrating at the same intrinsic frequency as your own cells. So through a natural phenomenon, know as “resonance absorption”, you get a boost or “spark” to your internal engine. Far Infra-red rays fire up your cellular metabolism.

The really cool part of all this biological occurrence is your cells only absorb rays of radiant heat that match it’s own frequency. So if the heat energy waves aren’t the same, they pass harmlessly straight through the tissues.

The radiant energy that is absorbed improves overall cellular performance. The whole metabolic process perks up everything from better enzyme production to the elimination of waste byproducts and toxins.

Lets just touch on some of the benefits of a typical hot yoga session!


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The above information was extracted from an article written by Dr Wilson.

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