Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions and answers.
If you can’t find what you are looking we would love to hear from you! Please call during business hours and email us anytime. x



Q Which class do you best recommend for my first time doing Hot Pilates & Yoga?

We recommend you come to our beginner’s class on Saturday’s at both studio’s however if you would like to jump straight in, we recommend the Harlow B or C classes first. All classes are designed to offer poses that are suitable from beginner through to advance. Each instructor will always give you options for each pose to ensure that you are being challenged but not taking each pose too far.

Q What do I need to bring to the class?

Just bring yourself, a water bottle and a Mat or Microfibre Mat Towel if you have one. Try to leave as much of your stuff at home or in your car as possible. We have mats (for hire for $3), straps & blocks available for you.

Q Do you have mats or towels for purchase?

Yes we have specially designed a range of Mats and Micro-fiber Mat size towels that come in 3 colours. They can be purchased online (to collect at Harlow Newstead or Milton), or simply arrive 20mins prior to your class and you can purchase it at concierge.

Q What should I wear to the class?

Comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch – bike pants or gym pants and a t-shirt/singlet top is most suitable.

Q How early can I arrive for my first class?

We recommend arriving 15mins early for your first class. Our check-in cutoff for classes is 5mins before the start time of the class so that it allows you enough time to get into your space. Our Studio opens 15 mins before the start time of every class.

Q How do I Check in to class once I arrive?

We have an express check-in for your convenience so if you have a membership or passes on your account, you can jump the queue so that you can get into class quicker. More time to unwind and breathe.

If you book (online or using our mobile app) within 2 hours of the class start time, you will be automatically checked in so you can simply say hi to your teacher and walk straight in. Super easy 🙂



Q Do you have a beginners class?

Yes! We have a beginner’s class on every Saturday morning. One Harlow B (Hot Yoga) and one Harlow C (Hot Pilates). These classes are a more informative version of our normal Harlow A and C classes so that we can cover alignment basics of Yoga and Pilates to make sure you practice safe movement. You may be new to Hot Yoga/Pilates or new to Harlow, or simply want a refresher. Both these classes are free, you simply need to create an account and you can book straight away.

Q What styles of yoga do you have?

We have 4 class types of yoga. Please see Classes Defined for a description on each.



Q How many sessions do you recommend per week?

Between two to three classes a week is ideal. If you can only do one it will still have a great affect on you if you are doing it regularly, the more the better.

Q How do I join as a member?

If you are looking to come more than once a week, please click here and follow the prompts. Once you have set your membership up, you can start booking. Download our mobile app here.

Q How do I suspend my membership?

Please send us an email with the start and end date of your suspension. Our harlow support team will email you to confirm that it has been suspended. When your suspension un-suspends, your direct debits will commence and your will be able to start attending classes once again.

Q How do I cancel my membership?

Please email us (giving us only one month notice to cancel). We will email you back to confirm cancellation. You encourage you to still come in your last month however if you are unable to come, you are welcome to credit your last month to a friend. That way they will get the benefits of attending Hot Pilates or Hot Yoga classes.



Q Where do I find casual rates or class packs?

Go to Prices for class pricing

Q What is the expiry on class passes?

Our Casual Pass, Intro Pass and 10 Class Pass have a 6 month expiry from when you activate it (the first class that you book in for). So if you purchase your pass online or via our mobile app on March 5th and attend your first class on March 10th, your 6 month expiry will commence from the 10th of March.

Our Intro Pass is 14 days of consecutive Hot Pilates and Yoga. So if you active your pass (book in for your first class) your pass will then expire 14 days from this date. We want to make sure you can come to as many classes as a taster of our talented teachers and beautiful studio, so if you need help please call us (during business hours) or email us anytime.

Q How do I go about buying a class pack or booking a class?

Go to Timetables and click on “Book” beside the class you wish to book. This will take you to a page where you can enter logins or create a new account and then select the “Class Pass” pack or the unlimited membership that you wish to buy and follow the prompts.

Q How do I purchase gift cards?

You can either purchase these from concierge or email us and we can organise this for you. 
We also deliver gift cards to anywhere in Australia at no charge to you.



Q How do I register for harlow rewards?

A perkville email will be sent to you after your first class. Follow the link on the email to register using your email address that you have used for your harlow account. If you are working this out at a later date, simply go to perkville.com and go to the login/forgot password section and enter your email address in, the same one as you use for your harlow account and reset the password. Once you login you will be able to see how many points you have and what rewards you can redeem your points for.

Q How do I redeem my harlow reward points?

Login to your perkville account, go to the “Perks” tab, and click “Redeem” on the prize you would like to redeem your points for.

Casual Pass or the 5 Class Pass

If you click “Redeem” on the Casual Pass or the 5 Class Pass, as long as you are using the same email with perkville as you do with your harlow account, your pass will be credited to your harlow account straight away.

You can then login to your app or online and book your class using your pass.

$30 off your fortnightly membership

If you click “Redeem” on the $30 credit towards your membership, your reward will be credited within 48HR’s.



All passes and memberships have a strict no refund policy. We will however give your harlow account a credit for the amount in which there is no expiry on and you are welcome to use this credit for any harlow services or products at any time including gifts for friends.


Q What instructors do you have and at what time?

For information on instructors go to Timetables and you can see each instructors name in the right hand column.

Q When’s the next class on tonight?

Go to Timetables and once you decide on the class you would like to attend you can then book your classes online. You can also download the Harlow Yoga mobile app for iPhone or android, enter your logins and then see the updated schedule on your mobile.

Q What is Harlow’s cancellation Policy?

We have no penalties for cancellations made before the class start time for your booking. If you can’t make the class that you booked in for, we would love it if you can either cancel it (using our app or online) or email or call us. That way we can give your booking to your fellow harlow member (in which they will be so grateful for this).


Q Where can I park? 

Harlow Newstead

Yes, there is plenty of parking in the area. Please make sure you park on the street. Definitely do not park in any businesses car parking even if they look closed and it is late at night as they will tow your car away. Click here to see the parking map.

Harlow Milton

Car parks for the Milton studio are found along Finchley St and surrounding streets.
 Please be aware of game days at Suncorp Stadium as parking will change.

Q Is there public transport near Harlow?

Harlow Newstead

Yes, there is a bus stop situated on the corner of Byres street & Skyring Terrace Newstead. There are also plenty of bus stops situated on Breakfast creek road Newstead in which is a short 2 minute walk to the studio.

Harlow Milton

Yes, there is a bus stop located on Huessler Terrace which is a short walk from the studio.



Q How do I purchase the luxurious L’amour Moroccan Oil hair treatments?

They are $2 each and can be purchased at concierge prior to class. You will receive your treatment on a wooden spatula and are welcome to apply it to your hair in the studio on your mat. Once you are finished with your wooden spatula after class, please place it in the box in concierge. This treatment can be left in your hair or washed out when you get home.


Q I have an injury of some sort. Will class still be suitable for me?

Hot Pilates & Yoga is a great tool for rehabilitation, however we suggest to seek medical advice if you have a prior injury or feel that you will be extending yourself.

Q I am pregnant, can I still practice in a heated room?

Firstly, congratulations that is really exciting that you are pregnant. If you are a member on a fortnightly membership, please email us and we will suspend your membership for 9 months. Once you are ready to return please let us know as Hot Yoga & Pilates is great for helping you feel amazing once your little bundle of joy is born. If you have class packs, we will extend the expiry for you so that you don’t miss out.

If you are pregnant we do not allow you to practice because of the type of heating that we have. Our beautiful Far Infra Red heat works differently to other heating like Reverse Cycle air conditioners or Gas heating (in which heats the air). Far Infra Red heat, heats your body from within and all objects in our space e.g. floor, walls & ceiling. That’s why you make feel like harlow’s studio is not as hot as others, however once you start to move, you generate heat quicker and will develop a deeper more cleansing sweat. Find out more about our heating here. 

A great studio to try over the coming months is Yoga Baby (they specialise in pregnancy yoga) and will be able to give you all the support that you need throughout this exciting time 🙂

We look forward to seeing you once you have had your little one!

Q I would like to bring my child to class what is the minimum age?

We have a lot of parents wanting their children attend to compliment their sports that they do on a regular basis. The minimum age for children is 8 Years of age. Any child from 8-16 years of age, must be accompanied with a parent or guardian. If your child is finding it quite challenging, we please ask them to take breaks when they need to and lay down on their mat to cool down. If it is too much for them, to quietly exit the studio and relax in our concierge area. We want to make sure it is a pleasurable experience for both yourself your child and our clients attending the class.


Q Do you have showers and bath towels available?

Yes, a shower is available for your convenience (at Harlow Newstead) and you can hire a towel for $3.

Q When is the studio open?

The studio will open 15 minutes before and after each session. You are most welcome to come early and relax on your mat under and enjoy the beautiful Far infrared heat before your session commences. This way it will warm your muscles and get your blood circulation going before you even begin.

Q What is the temperature?

The temperature in the studio is between 32-33 degrees (challenging yet comfortable environment suitable for all levels of practice)

Q Do you have lockers for your belongings?

Yes we have lockers and they are big enough to fit a regular size gym bag. So please leave as much stuff in the car or at home before you come.

Q What kind of flooring do you have?

Harlow Newstead
At Newstead the flooring is painted concrete.

Harlow Milton
At Milton the flooring is rubber.



Q I have had an injury or I have feedback for Harlow

Thank you for letting us know. Please notify us at enlighten@harlowyoga.com.au as soon as possible.


4/5 Byres Street, Newstead QLD 4006 | 25 Finchley Street, Milton QLD 4064

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