• Why is Savasana so important? What is Savasana and why am I laying here? Savasana, meaning Corps Pose in English, is the final posture at the end of all yoga classes, regardless of the style or way you have practiced, you can always count on a Savasana at the end. It’s called Corpse Pose because Continue Reading

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    Why Hot Pilates is a Hot New Workout

    MAR 14, 2015 MNB TEAM It’s getting hot in here…. So take off all your clothes! Well, after a couple of hot Pilate’s classes, your body will be looking so tight, toned and terrific you may very well want to! Turning up the heat can take your workout to a whole new level – and this is Continue Reading

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        Styler Candice trailed Brisbane’s newest hot Pilates class and shares her thoughts of the experience from start to sweaty finish. We’ve been hearing a lot of hype surrounding the Brisbane’s newest hot Pilates class. So, naturally, we had to try it for ourselves. We sent Styler and hot Pilates newbie Candice to try Continue Reading

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    Pilates for Runners by Katie Mackenzie

    Our bodies are built to move. The more we move, the better our joints, muscles and organs function. If we train a certain way, we can build strength in certain muscle groups and enhance our natural genetic ability. BUT, if we move too much in any one direction (repetitive movement) or if we stay sedentary Continue Reading

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    Harlow Lunch Crunch

    Exercise, stress, and unwelcomed events life throws our way can make our bodies tight and tense and our minds working overtime. Practicing yoga will loosen up and bring flexibility back in to the body, as well as de-clutter and restore the mind. Not only does it strengthen muscles, but it reduces feelings of anxiety and Continue Reading

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    What’s So Important About Core Strength?

    “Core strength” has been something of a buzz term recently, but I admit — until yesterday, I wasn’t sure what the big deal was all about. Isn’t core training just a fancy way of saying toning your abs? Our moms used to simply call this “doing sit-ups.” But there’s way more to core training than Continue Reading

  • PILATES GETS A WHOLE LOT HOTTER! 12th January 2015 Want to get fit to the very core? It’s all heating up with Harlow’s new Hot Pilates classes; the hottest way to tone up in Brisbane. Images: Harlow Hot Pilates & Yoga Hot Pilates instructor Adriana Solorzano Harlow Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates in Brisbane have just turned Continue Reading

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    Fit to the core – why hot pilates is so darn good for you by Adriana Solorzano

    Whenever I recommend someone to try Pilates out I usually get the following responses “I tried Pilates once and I didn’t feel like I was doing anything” or “I’ve done yoga before – they’re basically the same thing aren’t they?” I get why people respond this way. Firstly much like a yoga class Pilates can Continue Reading