• harlow-lunch-crunch
    Harlow Lunch Crunch

    Exercise, stress, and unwelcomed events life throws our way can make our bodies tight and tense and our minds working overtime. Practicing yoga will loosen up and bring flexibility back in to the body, as well as de-clutter and restore the mind. Not only does it strengthen muscles, but it reduces feelings of anxiety and Continue Reading

  • harlow-pilates-toned
    What’s So Important About Core Strength?

    “Core strength” has been something of a buzz term recently, but I admit — until yesterday, I wasn’t sure what the big deal was all about. Isn’t core training just a fancy way of saying toning your abs? Our moms used to simply call this “doing sit-ups.” But there’s way more to core training than Continue Reading

  • adriana
    Fit to the core – why hot pilates is so darn good for you by Adriana Solorzano

    Whenever I recommend someone to try Pilates out I usually get the following responses “I tried Pilates once and I didn’t feel like I was doing anything” or “I’ve done yoga before – they’re basically the same thing aren’t they?” I get why people respond this way. Firstly much like a yoga class Pilates can Continue Reading

  • Take Flight with Elise Maisonneuve

    Elise will show you some super cool techniques to help you become more aware of your strength and balance that you did not realise that you had. Let go of your fears to take flight. In this workshop we will cultivate the courage, strength and will required to take flight in arm balances. Beginning with Continue Reading

  • What do you want & why do you want it? by Adriana Solorzano
    What do you want & why do you want it? by Adriana Solorzano

    When you embark setting goals it’s incredibly important that you first consider whether these goals are in conflict with your values and more importantly with how you want to feel. Because if you don’t do this what you’ll very soon discover is that even if your logical, conscious mind really wants to change, if your Continue Reading

  • The perfect space to practice

    Bronwyn practices her handstand in her lounge room a number of times and falls into the couch and coffee table which really hurt. So Bronwyn ventures down to her local park and works out that practicing on a hill proves to be impossible. She then discovers harlow Yoga and realises that having the perfect space Continue Reading

  • A Very Harlow Christmas Charity Gala 2013

    Thank you to all of our sponsors and all who attended A Very Harlow Christmas Charity Gala on December 20th 2013. Together we raised $2045 which has been donated to the Newfarm Neighbourhood Centre to support the homeless.

  • Lela’s Harlow Experience

    Lela is a health conscious young professional residing in Ascot (inner city brisbane) that is dedicated to a healthier way of living. Lela never new that she could become so committed to practicing yoga and nourishing her body with delicous smoothies straight after. If you ever see her at harlow make sure you say hi Continue Reading